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Something Strange Is Going On

Lately I have not been 100%. I have been overly stressed, sleeping very little, and trying to train very hard but my legs cannot keep up. The constantly feel heavy, get fatigued quickly, and just are not recovering like they should be. This week I have not done a workout yet and only been able… Continue reading Something Strange Is Going On

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My Favorite “Baked” Apples

I love apple cobbler with a burning passion! (I love pancakes more thought!) Its one of my favorite desserts, especially during the winter time, but it's not what I would call healthy. That cobbler is often filled with sugar and butter! Don't get me wrong I love sugar and butter and those two ingredients basically… Continue reading My Favorite “Baked” Apples

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Banana Ice Cream & A Day in the Life

Ice Cream, one of Gods perfect creations. That is until you find out your body gets mad when you feed it dairy. So here is a¬†perfect recipe for anyone who is dairy free, or just wants to eat ice cream every day without gaining weight! I usually enjoy a bowl of this as breakfast topped… Continue reading Banana Ice Cream & A Day in the Life

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Recovery and a Reboot

I am on day 2 of recovery! Nutrition wise I pretty much gave myself Marathon day and yesterday to eat whatever I wanted. But today I am back to eating smart! The Marathon distance puts an enormous strain on your body and compromises your immune system. With a compromised immune system it is curtail that… Continue reading Recovery and a Reboot