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Day In The Life: FINALS WEEK Day 2

"I'm really tired." That phrase has defined my last 3 days. So far I've had 6 hours of sleep and its only Tuesday. Safe to say training has not been great because my brain hurts. Plus I have a half marathon I'm really not prepared for in 2 weeks. The half marathon I'm not too… Continue reading Day In The Life: FINALS WEEK Day 2

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The FINAL Stretch

It's that time of year again, finals. The hardest week of the semester but also the most promising week because once you make it to the end, its summer. Even if you take summer class like I will be doing, they are so much easier! But I cannot get caught up in the longing for… Continue reading The FINAL Stretch

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Something Strange Is Going On

Lately I have not been 100%. I have been overly stressed, sleeping very little, and trying to train very hard but my legs cannot keep up. The constantly feel heavy, get fatigued quickly, and just are not recovering like they should be. This week I have not done a workout yet and only been able… Continue reading Something Strange Is Going On