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Time Management Tips

Life can be messy, and if you don't have a plan sometimes it feels like you are being dragged along with no clear end. Organization and time management have become essential parts of my life since becoming a student athlete. I've always fit time to run into my schedule but as a student athlete I… Continue reading Time Management Tips

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Life as a College Athlete

I've been practicing with the team for about 4 weeks and it has been a challenge to say the least. I have not run at this level ever before in my life but honestly I love the challenge and I love seeing the improvements I have made in such a short amount of time. This… Continue reading Life as a College Athlete

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Day In The Life and Work Out 12/20/2016

Welcome to the boring day in the life of a college girl stuck working in her college town while everyone else is home for break! I got a good 32 hours in at work this week (would have loved to work more but hey) and have been doing some intense workouts! I love interval and… Continue reading Day In The Life and Work Out 12/20/2016