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I entered Northwest as a naive kid who thought the world was fair and that if I wanted something I could just do it. I was shy, awkward, and desperately wanted to find those life long friends immediately. But good things take time and good friendships should take plenty of it. Freshman me needed to do something to make her feel at ease and not alone so she joined a sorority, although my time has come to leave I will never regret that choice. I have met my best friends through Greek Life at Northwest, but running has and always will be my passion. Freshman me also made the best decision of her life when she signed up for a half marathon.

Sophomore year brought a mix good and bad. I almost lost a family member and my life took a turn. Suddenly I was plagued by new anxiety and stress. I learned it is ok to ask for help and seeking a counselor or therapist does not make you weak. It was brought to my attention I was experiencing PTSD and I was finally able to take steps to heal.

I also found the strength to train for and run a marathon with my best friend.

Junior year started with meeting my first love, something that I had waited so patiently for. My time spent between challenging class work, holding positions within the sorority, running my heart out, and learning the ropes of being in a relationship. Junior year was by far the best. I dropped everything and went to Chicago when my beloved Cubs won the World Series, I became a college athlete, and I truly came into my own.

This summer has brought many changes in my life. I have left my sorority, learned what its like to work full-time, and traveled alone for the first time. And in two weeks I will begin to experience even more changes as I enter into my Senior year.

This upcoming year will bring even more new experiences and adventures, but also more responsibility. It is easy to be afraid of the future and stress about what is to come. I have been struggling with that this summer but it is time to let go, work hard, and do what is needed in order to have the future I envision. Good things take time, hard work, and persistence. Nothing will be handed to you, and growing up is tough. But I am up to the challenge and excited for it.

Bring it on.

Thank you for reading and if there is anything you would like me to post about in the future feel free to leave a comment 🙂


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