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Kicking It Up a Notch

Training has officially started. The past few weeks I’ve simply been hitting my miles and working 36 hours a week. But now my weekly work outs and lifting have begun. This week I am at 40 miles typically do 2 runs a day if I have the time! To be honest my nutrition has not been the greatest…what can I say I love bread and all things chocolate.

Today I finally picked up a new pair of running shoes! I have worn the Brooks Ravenna shoes for 4 years now and we are about to make it 5! I bought 3 pairs of the Ravenna 6’s two years ago because they were in sale for $50. Today I went to a local running store to have my foot checked out and make sure they were still the right shoe for me! They are 🙂 . Ravenna 8

I cannot wait to start breaking these new shoes in! Even though it’s the same model, the company still makes little changes to their shoes each year so it’s good to get your feet checked out!

My second run today will consist of 3 miles, strides, and some abs/legs/push ups. We were given our lifting program today too and I will need to check that out and get in the gym soon! I cannot believe it’s already Wednesday and I have soooo much to do before I leave to visit the boy this weekend!

Happy running to you all and thank you for reading!!

*Anyone have a favorite running shoe they have used for years?

*Any tips to cut my chocolate addiction? (my parents keep so many sweets in the house and I can’t resist!)


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