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Lincoln Half Marathon Recap

So yesterday I ran the half marathon. Have not been feeling great lately and it has been hard to breathe but I just assumed it was bad allergies. Nope. Found out 3 hours after the race I have bronchitis. So I ran 13.1 miles with bronchitis… not sure if I should be proud or worried.

The race was very difficult due to heat and the inability to breath efficiently. Luckily my good friend who ran the marathon with me found me and wasn’t feeling race ready either and was happy to run/walk with me. So while we ran our worst half marathons, at least we ran them together 🙂 .

I came in at 2:11:25, my very worst time ever. But honestly I’m fine with it since I do have bronchitis and probably shouldn’t have even been running! Now I have my inhaler and some antibiotics and hopefully I’ll be in good shape within a few weeks.

Any of you have tips for running with bronchitis?? I’ve never had it before and could use some tips! Thank you for reading and happy running!!



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