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Day In The Life: FINALS WEEK Day 2

“I’m really tired.”

That phrase has defined my last 3 days. So far I’ve had 6 hours of sleep and its only Tuesday. Safe to say training has not been great because my brain hurts. Plus I have a half marathon I’m really not prepared for in 2 weeks. The half marathon I’m not too worried about, I’ve been training with the team so it’s not like I’ve ignored running. I just have not been able to put in a solid 10-12 mile run which is something I really like to do just to feel secure that I can finish. I know I can finish, I cannot guarantee it will be a PR or feel very good the next day. Over the summer, along with my workouts for XC season, I would like to get back to a nice distance run on Saturday mornings.

Other than the lack of sleep and stress, finals are going well and so far no grades have dropped (key word so far). I’ve been OK with nutrition, honestly been very very bad lately. I am hoping that being home over the summer will allow me to make and eat very healthfully in order to perform my best in running! I can figure out some low-cost super healthy meals to make in my college town too.

Honestly I wrote this because my brain hurts and I really just need a break from studying Biochemistry and Macronurients. For the rest of this week I will be focusing on finals, packing, and moving into my new house so posts will be scarce. But you can bet I’ll have a 1/2 Marathon recap coming your way after my race on May 7th! I cannot believe this will be my third year running the Lincoln National Guard full and half marathons!


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