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The FINAL Stretch

It’s that time of year again, finals. The hardest week of the semester but also the most promising week because once you make it to the end, its summer. Even if you take summer class like I will be doing, they are so much easier! But I cannot get caught up in the longing for summer yet. Today I turned in my last big project of the semester and will be preparing for finals in two weeks. This is the final stretch!

This is possibly the most stress filled week especially if your like me and have grades depending on you doing well. Here is what I like to do during finals week to make sure I get out alive.

  1. SLEEP

Yes it is important to make sure you know all the information for a test, but go to bed at a decent hour. You can always wake up a little earlier to finish your cramming. Don’t be like me and stay up all night preparing for a test to over sleep and miss the exam… Luckily I had a graceful teacher who let me enter the exam late and take it with the remaining time.

My favorite tool to put me to sleep is melatonin. I don’t take it every night but if I’m desperate for a good nights sleep it’s a great option.

 2. Take Study Breaks

After two hours of hard-core studying i get burnt out. Ya girl needs to chill for a minute and not think. I like to watch a you tube video, go on a walk, check social media, maybe watch a quick episode of a stupid TV show, anything to just get your mind off whatever test you are studying for.

     3. Eat Well

It’s tempting to indulge on all the junk foods when you’re stressed but if you do that you will end up feeling like junk too. Fuel your body like it is a machine and your body will reward you. I promise.

     4. De-stress in whatever way works for you

I enjoy reading just a chapter in a book to distract myself from whatever final I am currently stressing over. I try to spend time reading scripture and praying each day to remind myself that God will never give me a task I cannot accomplish. I also like to write down 10 things I am thankful for or proud of when I am drowning in stress and want to give up. All of these things help me re-evaluate what is important and put my mind at ease when I need to return to studying.

Anyone out there going through finals I hope some of this helped. If you’re not in this phase of life I hope you were still able to get some good tips on how to handle those overwhelmingly stressful days.

Thank you for reading and I hope your day is stress free and joy filled!



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