I Just Felt Like Runnin, Uncategorized


I have been a little lost since the marathon on what to do about racing. I just love having a race to focus on and goal to reach. It gives my workouts purpose and without it I find my fitness declining. I have officially signed up for the Leprechaun Chase 10k in Omaha! I have never raced a 10k so I am very excited to see how this goes and ready  to work on my speed and endurance together! ANY TIPS ON 10k RACING AND TRAINING ARE NEEDED!!

Every race is different and even though I have trained for and ran a marathon and many halves doesn’t mean I will be prepared for, or even good at, the 10k. Honestly I’m a little nervous for it because I have never been the fastest runner and speed is something I have trouble training. Since the race is in March I have time to begin making speed training a habit but I need to start NOW. I’m thinking at least one day a week then bumping it to two days in January!

Other exciting news is that at the time of this race I will be 21, SOOOO I finally get to drink the free finisher beer!! My days of giving my free drink ticket to a random adult have passed 🙂 it’s the little things in life right??

Thanks for reading my random rant about how I’m excited to be racing again!

Do you have a favorite race distance? Mine is probably the half marathon

Thoughts on holiday races? My first half was a thanks giving race!


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